DOT Annual Reviews

by Miranda Brooks 15. July 2022 15:23

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently passed a final rule that eliminates the requirement for drivers to submit a list of violations as part of the DOT Annual Review process (49 CFR 391.27, rescinded).  This rule went into effect on 5/9/22 whichmeans you are no longer required to send in a Macro 58 to report violations annually.  Therefore, we will be removing the automated notifications to drivers and Operations regarding DOT Annual Review expirations.   Effective 6/1/22, we changed our internal processes and no longer required you to send in a Macro 58 for the DOT Annual Review.  We are in the process of updating our systems throughout the month of June to accommodate this change. 


However, the regulations do still require U. S. Xpress and Total Transportation (the “Company”) to pull a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) annually, review it, notate in your file details of any violations or convictions, and date when the MVR review is completed (49 CFR 391.25).  With this aspect remaining in place, we will continue to manage your DOT Annual Review date in our system and may require you to send in supporting documentation regarding their violations.  What this means is, if you’re requested by Safety to submit supporting documentation of any violation found on their MVR, failure to do so by the given deadline will result in you not being assigned further loads until the requested documentation is received and accepted. You are reinstated by the Safety Team.  Safety will attempt to give ample notice to you if supporting documentation is necessary.  We appreciate you and will continue our efforts to ensure the Company maintains a safe and compliant fleet on the road!  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Manager or the Safety Team:

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Q - Am I no longer required to submit a Macro 58 each year to report violations?

A - Correct, the federal regulations removed the requirement that drivers report violations annually, but companies are still required to review your MVR at least once a year.


Q - Am I still required to notify the company if I get a traffic citation?

A  - Yes, you must immediately or by the next business day report receiving any tickets, license suspensions or revocations to the Safety Department.  You must provide copies of all such documentation to the Safety Department within 48 hours via fax, email, or scan.


Q - Do I have to report traffic violation convictions to the Company and, if so, how soon after the conviction must I report it to the Company?

A - Yes, federal regulations require you to report in writing to their company any traffic violation convictions within 30 days of the conviction date (49 CFR 383.31).  We will be rewording and repurposing Macro 58 to provide drivers a means in which to comply with this requirement and report convictions to the Safety Department.  Effective 7/1/22, drivers will be able to satisfy this requirement by filling out a new version of Macro 58 within 30 days of the traffic violation conviction date.


Q - What if I got a ticket and/or conviction for a traffic violation in my personal vehicle, do I still need to notify the company?

A - Yes, federal regulations require CDL holders to report traffic violations and convictions received in a personal or commercial vehicle to the Company.




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