From Behind the Wheel- Safe Driving in Action

by Miranda Brooks 17. June 2022 16:50

Studies prove nearly 80% of all collisions involving tractor trailers are NOT the truck driver’s fault. Yet, in some of these cases, drivers take the blame and the CSA points. That’s why we installed Eve, an external event recorder, on all our trucks. When Eve detects triggering events like sudden deceleration, swerving, speeding or impact, it automatically records 12 seconds of external video and internal audio, protecting against deducted CSA points, allowing us to reward safe driving habits, helping us correct unsafe driving behaviors and, most importantly, ensuring the well-being of our drivers and the motoring public.



In these moments, captured by Eve, we see not only how tough a driver’s job can be, but how lucky we are to have drivers on our team who make safety a priority. Check it out here:



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