Important update on trailers

by Miranda Brooks 10. June 2022 16:39

When it comes to finding available trailers, there are many moving parts that you and our Trailer Team encounter each day. Our goal is to make it easier to locate and access available trailers in our network, and you play crucial role in making that happen. How can you help? Please review and follow the best practices below regarding trailers.


Trailer Best Practices for Drivers

·        Contact your Ops Team when you need an empty trailer.

·        If you get an empty trailer assignment and find that the trailer assigned is not there, report it to your Ops Team.

·        Report damaged trailers to XRA.

·        If a shipper prevents you from taking a trailer that has been assigned to you, contact your Ops Team.

·        Please never take a trailer that was not assigned to you

o   This will cause a ripple effect as there is likely a driver en route to pick up that trailer. Taking trailers that are not assigned to you will significantly increase the likelihood that the next trailer assigned to you will not be there. 

·        Always complete a pre-trip and post-trip inspection for each trailer that you hook or drop.

·        Always complete your macros with accurate trailer information.

o   If accurate trailer information in not input, it contributes to incorrect information in our system and will significantly increase the likelihood that another driver will be assigned to pick-up that trailer and discover that it’s gone.  

By living these best practices, you’re helping improve our visibility into what trailers are available and where they are. This enables us to make more accurate trailer assignments within the network and limits your down time. It’s a win-win. Thank you in advance for doing your part.



Questions about trailers? Please reach out to your Ops Team or send them to



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