Roadcheck 2022 is just ahead

by Miranda Brooks 16. May 2022 12:13

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck is happening May 17-19. During this 72-hour period, Department of Transportation officials will conduct inspections of commercial vehicles, with an emphasis this year on wheel ends.


Braking, stability, and support of the loads you’re hauling are all riding on your wheel ends. U.S. Xpress is aiming for clean inspections during this Roadcheck event, and when you pass your inspection, you will earn a decal that means three months without a re-inspection.

Inspectors will be looking at the following critical components of wheel ends, which are part of any normal pre- and post-trip inspection.

·        Check for any cracks or unseated locking rings, studs, or clamps.

·        Ensure there aren’t any bent, cracked, or broken rims on the inside and outside of the wheels.

·        Ensure none of the wheel fasteners are loose, broken, missing, or damaged, and that none of the stud holes are elongated.

·        Check the spoke wheels for cracks across the spokes and in the web area.

·        Look for slippage in the clamp areas.

·        Check the hub for lubricant leaks, missing caps, or plugs.

·        Check the inner wheel seal, tire, and valve stem for leaks.

·        Ensure tires are properly inflated and have no cuts or bulges, including the inside tire on a dual set.

·        Check for regrooved tires on the steering axle, and inspect tread wear and tread groove depth. 

·        Look at sidewalls for any plugs or other improper repairs.

·        Look for exposed fabric or cord.

·        Ensure the tire is not contacting any part of the vehicle or any other tire.

·        Check for any marking on tires that would mean it couldn’t be used on a steering axle, and look for debris between the tires.


Check out this video for more information about how to make sure you’re ready for Roadcheck 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Safety team. Thanks for doing your part to keep us moving safely. 





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