Get a College Degree on Us!

by Miranda Brooks 15. May 2022 08:10

Have you ever thought of earning a college degree or sending a dependent to school? If you're a U.S. Xpress company driver or technician – this is the time to do it, for free!  


Our Full Ride program offers a 100% paid 4-year college degree from accredited college University of Arizona Global Campus. From liberal arts to business, there are dozens of degrees available so you or your dependents can fulfill any education dreams at no cost to you. We'll pay for tuition, fees, and books, while you continue earning as a driver with us. There is no requirement to earn a certain grade to continue with the program, and while we hope you stay, there is no obligation for you to remain with us after you or your dependents have earned your degree. Want to learn more? Visit to get started. ​



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