Don't get stranded in freezing temperatures. Use Anti-Gel.

by Miranda Brooks 28. November 2021 12:47

During winter weather, make sure to pour in one bottle of Anti-Gel per fuel tank each time that you fill up. Anti-Gel is available at all U.S. Xpress shops. You can also purchase Anti-Gel with your fuel card at your fuel stops.

Anti-Gel prevents your fuel from gelling due to exposure to the arctic air. Your truck will not start or run if your fuel gels, resulting in your truck being towed, and lost time given to waiting on your fuel to thaw and return to a liquid state.

A few more helpful Anti-Gel tips:

  • If you're coming from warmer temperatures into colder temperatures, plan ahead and put Anti-Gel in your tank while you are still in warmer temperatures. This allows the fuel to mix with the Anti-Gel before hitting arctic air.
  • Run the bunk heater after you have put Anti-Gel in your fuel. This will allow treated fuel to be in the fuel line for the heater and ensure that the heater will run when you are ready to get in the sleeper.
  • Never use aerosol ether starting fluid.


Stay safe out there, and if you have any questions, check with your supervisor.





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