We’re making our Driverline easier to use.

by Miranda Brooks 28. September 2021 18:19

We know that the Driverline is an important point of contact for drivers, and we’re making it easier to use by upgrading our system. Here’s what you need to know:

When is the upgrade happening? The Driverline system upgrade will start at 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday, 9/29. While this is typically a slower call volume time, if you call in while the upgrade is happening you could experience minor delays.

What’s changing? You will no longer be prompted to enter your Driver ID when selecting option 1 to reach the Fleet Team on the Driverline if your information is already in the system. To make sure this feature works correctly for you, your current phone number needs to be correct in our system. If you’ve changed your phone number or are unsure if we have the correct phone number listed for you, please check with your Operations Team.  If you are calling to reach HR, payroll, etc., you will still need to enter your ID. 

What’s staying the same? The number (1.844.879.7737) and the menu options will not change. 

We appreciate all you do and hope this upgrade makes it easier to access the info you need through the Driverline.  



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