Payroll/driver-line changes

by Miranda Brooks 18. July 2021 13:57

Getting in touch with Payroll shouldn’t be difficult. After all, you earned that paycheck. If you have questions about your pay, we want you to get an answer as quickly as possible. So, we’ve updated our Driver Line menu options to reduce the number of transfers needed to access Payroll Self-Service or get in touch with the Payroll team. 

As usual, when you call the Driver Line (1-844-879-7737) you’ll select option 5 to access the Payroll menu. From there, you’ll have the following options:

  • For payroll self-service, select 1.
  • To speak to someone about an owing agreement, select 2. 
  • For garnishments, select 3.
  • All other pay, select 4.
  • To repeat the above options, select 9.

Thanks for all your hard work. We hope this change helps get you everything you need as quickly and easily as possible. 



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