U.S. Xpress Driver Bryce R. Goes the Extra Mile for a Customer

by Ashley Rhodes 13. December 2019 09:35

Recently, we received a letter from a customer singing one driver’s praises for taking the initiative to clear their yard for them. Because it was a holiday week, the customer’s early morning shift wasn’t at work, which is who would normally clear the yard. Bryce insisted on moving the equipment for them after noticing that the amount of equipment in their yard was becoming a hazard. While this task is not part of Bryce’s job, he went the extra mile for this customer and they were extremely thankful that he did. “They said this was a huge help to their operations and that people who take the initiative go a long way with them,” said Transportation Manager Colby Cook. 

Way to go, Bryce! We’re so thankful to have professional drivers working with us who go the extra mile to be considerate and accommodating to our customers. 



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