Complete Your Winter 2019 Training Assignments by February 7, 2020

by Ashley Rhodes 10. December 2019 10:22

As part of our commitment to your ongoing professional development, you have been assigned training that is now available on our Professional Driver Development Site. We’re asking that you complete the seven assignments by February 7, 2020. 

Our Professional Driver Development program is designed to help you throughout your career, whether you’re new or experienced. Part of this involves training assignments that help you stay up-to-date about important aspects of your job. This winter, we’re focusing on the following topics:

• Winter Slipping Hazards

• Tire Chaining

• Chain Bank Tip Card

• Accident Response Protocol

• Episode 1: Extreme Weather Driving 

• Anti-Gel Fuel Additive Tip Card

• 2019 Driver Handbook

You can complete all seven assignments at once or one at a time, whichever is most convenient for you. Plus, you can access them quickly and easily online! Log on to the Professional Driver Development Site one of the following ways:

• From the welcome page at, click the “Professional Driver Development Site” button.

• From within, click the “Learning System” link found under MY TOOLS.

• Or, from, click the “PROFESSIONAL DRIVER DEVELOPMENT” link at the bottom of the main page. 

You can sign in with your Xpress Mobile/U.S. Xpressway username and password. If you have not signed up for Xpress Mobile or U.S. Xpressway yet, you can create a login by visiting

New to the Professional Driver Development Site? For a video on how to access your training, visit 

Check our Facebook @usxpressdrivers and/or Instagram @us.xpressdrivers for weekly chances to win a $50 paycheck bonus for correctly answering pop quiz questions on each training module!

If you have any questions about your training assignments or the new platform, please reach out to your FM/AS. 

Thanks for driving with us!



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