Introducing the New U.S. Xpress Wellness Program

by Ashley Rhodes 9. January 2020 15:59

We’re introducing a whole new way to wellness at U.S. Xpress.

Starting now, the U.S. Xpress Wellness Program will have a whole new look. Instead of having a points system (like with the previous Highway to Health program), each month we will introduce a new challenge or health initiative, offering a chance for participants to win prizes.

And these aren’t just your average prizes. You can win items like gym memberships, Fitbits, gift cards, ENO hammocks, subscriptions to meal prep services and more.

We’re kicking off January by recognizing National Blood Donor Month.

Want to participate? Here’s how: 

  •      Donate blood at any blood bank convenient to you.
  •       Email documentation of your donation to
  •      That’s it! You’re now entered in for a chance to win our monthly prize!

January’s prize is Black Card Memberships to Planet Fitness! Planet Fitness Black Card Members enjoy unlimited work outs at 1,800+ Planet Fitness locations nationwide, unlimited use of massage chairs, hydromassage, travel perks and more.

If you can’t give blood, don’t worry! We will be hosting a different opportunity each month of the year for you to participate, improve your wellness, and win prizes.

Have questions? Email the Wellness team at



Company Drivers Still Get Free Blue Beacon Truck Washes

by Ashley Rhodes 8. January 2020 17:05

You may have heard a rumor circling around that the free once a month Blue Beacon truck wash perk is going away for all U.S. Xpress drivers, but this is not the case. Company drivers will continue to get a free truck and trailer wash every 28 days/4 weeks at any Blue Beacon location. The only change to this perk is for Lease/Purchase drivers.

Since Lease/Purchase drivers are operating as their own businesses, we are controlling costs by continuing to offer them a free monthly truck wash at any of our U.S. Xpress service centers, but no longer at Blue Beacon locations. If you’re a Lease/Purchase driver who would still like to get your truck washed at Blue Beacon, you can use our company discount when you pay. 

Company drivers can utilize this monthly perk by simply pulling into a Blue Beacon location, providing your truck number, showing your CDL, and signing a wash ticket. This free wash includes a cab wash as well as a trailer wash, so you can hit the road sparkling clean.

You can also look out for a new feature coming soon to your DriverTech that will remind you when it’s time for your free wash. We know this perk is important to you, so we want to make it even easier to keep up with, because your job is hard enough.

If you have any questions about free truck washes, please reach out to your FM/AS. And as always, thank you for driving with us!



Eve is Here for You

by Ashley Rhodes 8. January 2020 16:15

DTN - Eve, the external event recorder, is here to help keep everyone safer. Here’s how:

- Eve records video outside the cab and audio inside the cab when a triggering event occurs: hard braking, swerving, speeding, collisions or lane departures.

- It is used to give kudos to good driving, coaching to driving that could be better and has the potential to clear you when you’re not at fault.

- You can manually record if necessary by pushing either of the blue buttons.

Check Driver News on to watch our newest Eve video. 



Keep Fuel from Gelling in Cold Weather

by Ashley Rhodes 7. January 2020 17:06

Fuel components can crystalize or gel at low temperatures. Diesel anti-gel additives help prevent that from happening. Did you know that all our shops keep a supply of anti-gel and that the fuel in our shops is winter-additive treated?

For details on anti-gel use and a quick-reference tip card, be sure to complete your Professional Driver Development Winter Training. The training is now live and is divided into seven assignments. We’re asking that you complete all assignments by February 7, 2020. 

Access the training quickly and easily online! Simply log on to the Professional Driver Development Site one of the following ways:

• From the welcome page at, click the “Professional Driver Development Site” button.

• From within, click the “Learning System” link found under MY TOOLS.

• Or, from, click the “PROFESSIONAL DRIVER DEVELOPMENT” link at the bottom of the main page. 

You can sign in with your Xpress Mobile/U.S. Xpressway username and password. If you have not signed up for Xpress Mobile or U.S. Xpressway yet, you can create a login by visiting

New to the Professional Driver Development Site? For a video on how to access your training, visit

If you have any questions about your training assignments or the new platform, please reach out to your FM/AS. 

Thanks for driving with us!



Shout Out to Drivers who Know Safety Starts with the “Man in the Mirror”

by Ashley Rhodes 6. January 2020 14:06

It's no secret that at U.S. Xpress we care a lot about the safety of our drivers and the motoring public. Last month, our Family Dollar team in Marianna, FL, got creative with their safety accountability by doing the “Man in the Mirror Challenge”.

"The challenge was self-accountability and coming up with a safety concern that drivers could improve on and hold themselves more accountable for, but we wanted to make it more fun." explained Transportation Manager Natasha Crabtree. "Thank you to my team for contributing to the success of this challenge!" she added.

This new safety challenge asked drivers to commit to a safety habit or message by signing a board decorated with mirrors. Then they took the challenge a step further: any driver who stops in with their best impersonation of the classic tune "Man in the Mirror" was eligible for prizes. Drivers donned the infamous white sparkly glove, top hat and sunglasses to perform their best moonwalk and show off their own dance moves. 

Shout out to everyone involved for making safety accountability fun! 



Scan Your Trip Paperwork Easily & Conveniently with Xpress Mobile

by Ashley Rhodes 5. January 2020 13:08

We know driving is hard work, so why should paperwork be hard too? Now you can scan your trip paperwork directly from the easy-to-use Xpress Mobile app on your phone, anytime or anywhere. Skip the extra time at truck stops and service centers with the scanning feature on the Xpress Mobile app

It’s Easy.

Check out our video with easy instructions on how to scan and submit your trip paperwork right from your phone.

It’s Convenient.

Scan and view your paperwork from wherever is convenient for you.

It’s Instant.

Skip the lines for truck stop scanners and Xpress Scanning kiosks, and get back on the road sooner. You can scan immediately after your load is complete.

Have any questions? Please reach out to your Fleet Manager or Account Supervisor. 

Don’t have the Xpress Mobile App? Visit to register for a username, and then head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Thanks for driving with us!



Full Ride: We Cover 100% of College with No Strings Attached

by Ashley Rhodes 4. January 2020 14:06

One of the biggest things to happen to our industry and company is Full Ride – college education for you and your children at no cost to you.

Full Ride offers 100% paid college education from Ashford University for U.S. Xpress company drivers and their dependents ages 17-26. Ashford offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in one of dozens of disciplines ranging from liberal arts to business to behavioral science. And U.S. Xpress will pay all tuition costs, fees, and books, all while you continue earning as a driver with us. There is no requirement to earn a certain grade to continue with the program, and while we hope you stay, there is no obligation for you to remain with us after you or your dependents have earned your degrees.

If you’re an experienced professional truck driver, you’re eligible to participate as soon as you begin working with us. If you’re a student drivers, you’re eligible to start taking classes as soon as you’ve completed behind-the-wheel training and are promoted to first seat driver. You can have a total of two family members enrolled in school at one time (either two dependent children 17-26 years of age or the driver and one dependent). All costs are covered for you and your family.

Why offer such a generous program if there’s no catch? CEO and President Eric Fuller said, “We don’t see this as just another benefit. We see it as an investment in our drivers and their families.” 

Visit today to get more information and get started on your enrollment!



Make Your Next Stop the U.S. Xpressway

by Ashley Rhodes 3. January 2020 12:02

The U.S. Xpressway is the website exclusively for all U.S. Xpress Drivers, including Independent Contractors. Visit today for company news, videos, and interactive sections, as well as important information about:

• Ways we recognize our drivers.

• Tips for reading settlement sheets.

• How to stay safe and compliant while on the road. 

• Details about equipment, trucks, and trailers. 

• Contacts at U.S. Xpress available to help you. 

• How to bring pets and riders with you, and ways to stay healthy on the road.

If you already use the Xpress Mobile app, log in with your mobile app username and password. If you don’t have the mobile app, click on the New Driver Registration button on and create a login quickly and easily.

We hope you enjoy your website, and thanks for driving with us! 



Tips for Driving Safely in Winter Weather

by Ashley Rhodes 2. January 2020 12:23

Here are a few helpful tips to avoid frozen brakes this winter:

1. Drain your tractor and trailer air tanks daily.

2. Do not set trailer brakes unless you are dropping a trailer.

3. Once you’ve parked, let the truck sit there for about 15 minutes before activating your truck brakes. That will allow the temperature to equalize. After that, pull forward and spread ice melt in your tire tracks before backing into the original parking spot again. That will stop your brakes and tires from freezing. 

4. When you are ready to leave, make a slight turn to the right while looking to your passenger side mirror. Make sure both of your outside wheels are turning. Do the same with a left turn. If your wheels are turning, you are good to go.



Happy New Year!

by Ashley Rhodes 1. January 2020 10:25

Happy New Year! We wish you all health and happiness and look forward to what 2020 brings. Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping us rolling! 




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