Get a free truck wash at Blue Beacon every 28 days

by Miranda Brooks 23. June 2022 15:43

U.S. Xpress company drivers can wash their trucks and trailers for free every 28 days/4 weeks at any U.S. Xpress shop or Blue Beacon location. For Blue Beacon washes, all you need to do is pull up to a location, provide your truck number, show your CDL, and sign a wash ticket. We highly encourage you to wash the trailer while you're at it – don't worry, that's free too. 

If you have any questions about your free truck wash, contact the XRA/Breakdown Department at 844-879-7737 option 4, then option 2.



Need support? Chaplains are available 24/7 to assist.

by Miranda Brooks 22. June 2022 17:45

As part of our employee benefits, we partner with an organization called Corporate Chaplains of America, a completely voluntary program that gives you 24/7/365 access to confidential, permission-based help in daily life matters or times of crisis.

Whether they guide you to another company-provided resource, a community-based organization, or just act as someone to talk to, the chaplains are there to be a friend and support you and your family whenever possible, no matter your faith or background.

We know being out on the road is difficult, but chaplains are ready to help. Chaplains are available to talk virtually about stress-management, family or marriage support, conflict management, long-term grief, or anything else on your mind.

Chaplains are also available to help in-person when needed with things like:

  •  Hospital visits
  • Assisting in times of crisis
  • Mentoring
  • Joining you or family at court
  • Conducting funerals
  • Officiating weddings

Simply put, chaplains are available to care for you and your family, whether you’re at home or out on the road.

Ready to connect with a chaplain? Get started by downloading the My Chaplain App today.


Want to learn more about Corporate Chaplains of America? Click here or contact our HR team at



Join us for lunch

by Miranda Brooks 21. June 2022 11:22

Just a reminder that Wednesday driver lunches are back at our terminals. Every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. local time, we’ll have a meal waiting for you at our terminals. All terminals are participating except for Olive Branch and Indianapolis. We hope to see you soon!



Happy Father's Day

by Miranda Brooks 19. June 2022 08:02

They have the best jokes, give the best advice and we’re grateful for them today and every day. Please join us in wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. 



Summer Safety Tips

by Miranda Brooks 18. June 2022 16:52

During the summer, the sun is stronger than ever. Help protect yourself from heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, and more with these quick summer tips:

  1.  Stay hydrated. Sip water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and heat stress. Try keeping a bottle of water in your cupholder as a reminder.
  2.  Rest when needed. If you’re feeling overheated, take a break in a cool spot. The sun and heat can zap your energy quickly this time of year.
  3. Put on sunscreen. Even when your windows are rolled up, the sun beating through the glass can burn you. Be sure to use SPF 50 or above, especially on your arms and face.
  4. Avoid caffeine and sugar. Caffeine and sugar can dehydrate you. If you need an energy boost, reach for some unsweetened tea or a healthy snack.
  5. Wear sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses with high UV protection can help protect your eyes from the summer sun as it reflects off the road, bodies of water, or other vehicles.


Stay safe out there, and keep up the good work.



From Behind the Wheel- Safe Driving in Action

by Miranda Brooks 17. June 2022 16:50

Studies prove nearly 80% of all collisions involving tractor trailers are NOT the truck driver’s fault. Yet, in some of these cases, drivers take the blame and the CSA points. That’s why we installed Eve, an external event recorder, on all our trucks. When Eve detects triggering events like sudden deceleration, swerving, speeding or impact, it automatically records 12 seconds of external video and internal audio, protecting against deducted CSA points, allowing us to reward safe driving habits, helping us correct unsafe driving behaviors and, most importantly, ensuring the well-being of our drivers and the motoring public.



In these moments, captured by Eve, we see not only how tough a driver’s job can be, but how lucky we are to have drivers on our team who make safety a priority. Check it out here:



Last Cal: Enroll in the Employee Stock Purchase Program June 1-15

by Miranda Brooks 15. June 2022 11:32

Get a 15% discount on U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. (USX) stock and become an owner of the company through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). The window to enroll runs June 1-15, and we’re making it easy to own a piece of our business.

The program is open to everyone who has been with U.S. Xpress, Variant, Xpress Technologies, or Total Transportation for at least one year.

To enroll, first decide what percentage of your compensation you’d like to set aside to purchase USX stock at a 15% discount. You can contribute between 1% and 15% of your compensation, with a maximum of $25,000 going to the ESPP over the course of a year. This means up to $12,500 for each six-month period, in compliance with IRS regulations.

Then be on the lookout for an email that will include a 12-digit code generated just for you. You’ll use the code to activate an online account that will allow you to enroll in the ESPP. If you don’t receive your activation code, give Shareworks a call at 1-877-380-7793, and they’ll give it to you.

After you enroll, there are six-month “funding periods” when that pre-determined percentage is withheld from your gross pay. At the end of each funding period, the company uses the funds that have been deducted from your paycheck to purchase shares at a 15% discount based on the price on either the first or last day of the funding period, whichever is lower.

For example, if you enroll in June 2022 and the stock is trading at $5 per share on the first day of the funding period (July 1) and trading at $10 per share on the last day of the funding period (December 31), the money withheld during that six-month period would be used to buy stock at 15% off $5 per share. This means you would buy stock at $4.25 ($5 per share minus 15% discount). You must hold the shares for one year prior to selling or transferring them.

If you’re already enrolled and you plan to keep the same contribution you set during your previous enrollment, you don’t need to do anything.However, if you would like to increase, decrease, or pause your contribution, log into your account by clicking here (no activation code needed) and change or pause the percentage you initially selected. Changes made online in June will take effect in July.


If you have any questions, contact the HR Service Center at or 1-844-USXPRESS (1-844-879-7737, option #7). You can review the U.S. Xpress ESPP policy on the Securities & Exchange Commission website.



You’ve got opinions. We want to hear them.

by Miranda Brooks 14. June 2022 09:00

Professional drivers for U.S. Xpress and Variant can help shape the direction of our company by responding to a brief survey we recently sent to you via email. You can also accesst the survey below:

The survey is open June 13-July 6. Taking the survey is fast, easy, and totally confidential. Most importantly, it will help us understand how to make our company a better place to work.

We’re always trying to get better in our mission to make goods move better, but we can’t do it without you.

If you have trouble accessing the survey, contact the Professional Development team at


You have until July 6 to share your thoughts on what we get right and where we fall short. We hope to hear from you. 



Celebrating our Million Milers

by Miranda Brooks 13. June 2022 16:10

Last week, we honored 181 professional drivers for reaching their one, two, three, and even four million safe mile status. Combined, this group has driven 241 million safe miles!

In addition to honoring our first-ever Four Million Miler, Professional Driver Jim D., we also honored 10 Drivers of the Year and our Trainer of the Year for 2021. Please join us in congratulating our newest Million Milers on achieving this exceptional milestone.

Check out our Facebook page to watch the full awards ceremony and Walk of Fame. 




Important update on trailers

by Miranda Brooks 10. June 2022 16:39

When it comes to finding available trailers, there are many moving parts that you and our Trailer Team encounter each day. Our goal is to make it easier to locate and access available trailers in our network, and you play crucial role in making that happen. How can you help? Please review and follow the best practices below regarding trailers.


Trailer Best Practices for Drivers

·        Contact your Ops Team when you need an empty trailer.

·        If you get an empty trailer assignment and find that the trailer assigned is not there, report it to your Ops Team.

·        Report damaged trailers to XRA.

·        If a shipper prevents you from taking a trailer that has been assigned to you, contact your Ops Team.

·        Please never take a trailer that was not assigned to you

o   This will cause a ripple effect as there is likely a driver en route to pick up that trailer. Taking trailers that are not assigned to you will significantly increase the likelihood that the next trailer assigned to you will not be there. 

·        Always complete a pre-trip and post-trip inspection for each trailer that you hook or drop.

·        Always complete your macros with accurate trailer information.

o   If accurate trailer information in not input, it contributes to incorrect information in our system and will significantly increase the likelihood that another driver will be assigned to pick-up that trailer and discover that it’s gone.  

By living these best practices, you’re helping improve our visibility into what trailers are available and where they are. This enables us to make more accurate trailer assignments within the network and limits your down time. It’s a win-win. Thank you in advance for doing your part.



Questions about trailers? Please reach out to your Ops Team or send them to




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