Top 5 Summer Safety Tips

by Miranda Brooks 3. August 2021 09:55

During the summer, the sun is stronger than ever. Help protect yourself from heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, and more with these quick summer tips:

  1. Stay hydrated. Sip water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and heat stress. Try keeping a bottle of water in your cupholder as a reminder.
  2. Rest when needed. If you're feeling overheated, take a break in a cool spot. The sun and heat can zap your energy quickly this time of year.
  3. Put on sunscreen. Even when your windows are rolled up, the sun beating through the glass can burn you. Be sure to use SPF 50 or above, especially on your arms and face.
  4. Avoid caffeine and sugar. Caffeine and sugar can dehydrate you. If you need an energy boost, reach for some unsweetened tea or a healthy snack.
  5. Wear sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses with high UV protection can help protect your eyes from the summer sun as it reflects off the road, bodies of water, or other vehicles.

Stay safe out there and keep up the good work.




Per Diem Advantage

by Miranda Brooks 2. August 2021 10:53

As you likely know, with the introduction of a 2018 tax law, you may no longer itemize work expenses for tax purposes. But there is good news: the IRS now allows you to keep $66 of your earnings per day tax-free as a professional truck driver.

U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage makes sure you get the full advantage of this  IRS benefit, allowing you to potentially take home up to 8% more per pay check.

How does it work? Check out our video for the details and an example of what you could be taking home on Per Diem Advantage.

Don't forget, since the 2018 tax law went into effect, U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage is now the only way you can get a tax-free IRS benefit.

You should keep in mind that everyone's tax situation is a little different, and you can visit​ to get an estimate that closely matches your individual circumstances. We also recommend that you talk with a tax professional if you're still unsure about whether Per Diem Advantage is right for you.

If you're ready to enroll in Per Diem Advantage, you can sign up in three easy ways:

Enter a Payroll Setup Macro 53 on DriverTech and type "Y" behind "DO YOU ELECT TO PARTICIPATE IN PER DIEM ADVANTAGE".

Call your Fleet Support Manager or Account Supervisor.

Call 1-844-USXPRESS and speak to a Payroll team member by selecting Option #5.​




Your Feedback Makes a Better Us

by Miranda Brooks 1. August 2021 11:03

Reaching the goal of doubling our revenue in the next four years depends on our people. We want to create a work environment, culture, and company that you’re proud of. But we need your feedback to do it.

To help build on continuous listening and make improvements to our processes, policies, and workplace culture, we’re gathering statistical data through a series of 10-minute confidential employee engagement surveys. Each survey will be a chance for you to give us your feedback about working as part of the U.S. Xpress or Variant team. 

All company drivers will receive the survey via text message. So, be on the lookout – it’s not spam! Please be sure to take the survey no later than Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. 

If you have trouble accessing the survey or have technical questions, reach out to the Professional Development team at

Thanks for your help in improving our company together.




Blue Beacon Partnership- Get a Free Truck Wash!

by Miranda Brooks 31. July 2021 11:04

Did you know U.S. Xpress company drivers can wash their trucks and trailers for free every 28 days/4 weeks at any U.S. Xpress shop or Blue Beacon location? It’s true. 

For Blue Beacon washes, all you need to do is pull up to a location, provide your truck number, show your CDL and sign a wash ticket. The wash includes a cab wash as well as a trailer wash. We highly encourage you to wash the trailer while you’re at it – don’t worry, that’s free too. Please note, you must show your CDL and sign in.

If you have any questions about your free truck wash, contact the XRA/Breakdown Department at 844-879-7737 option 4, then option 2.​​

 Photo Credit: Professional Driver Jerry M.



Earn up to $2,500 When You Refer a Diesel Mechanic

by Miranda Brooks 30. July 2021 10:25

As drivers, you know our Diesel Mechanics are vital in allowing you to earn money and deliver customers’ freight safely and on time. And in several of our shops, we need more of them to help keep you rolling.

But where do we find the best Diesel Mechanics? We’re hoping you can help us. So, we’re upping the ante on our technician referral bonus. Now, if you refer someone to any of the above locations you can earn:

  • $1,500 for your 1st recruit
  • $2,000 for your 2nd recruit
  • $2,500 for your 3rd recruit (and each one after)

There’s even something in it for the new recruit – a $2,000 sign-on bonus!

Making a referral for a different location? You can still earn some extra cash – $1,200 for your first recruit, $1,500 for your second, and $1,800 for your third (and fourth, and fifth, and…).

Know someone who would be a good fit? Refer them today. 



Scan in Your Paperwork from the Safety of Your Cab

by Miranda Brooks 29. July 2021 12:48

Have you tried the scanning feature in your Xpress Mobile App? If not, this is a great time to start using it. Why?  

It’s Convenient.

You can scan and view your paperwork from anywhere.

It’s Instant.

The app allows you to skip the lines for scanners so you can get back on the road sooner. 

It’s Easy.

If you already have the Xpress Mobile App, everything you need is already on your phone. 

It helps keep you safe. 

Since most drivers on the road have to scan in paperwork, scanners are often some of the more frequently touched items in our facilities and at truck stops. In the era of COVID-19, that’s the kind of thing you should be avoiding. Not to mention standing close to others as you wait in line for the scanner. When you use your app, you don’t even have to leave your cab. Just remember to disinfect your phone on a regular basis. 

Don’t have the Xpress Mobile App? Go to click on "Xpress Mobile App" to download it today.

Feel free to reach out to your manager if you have any questions.

Stay safe, drivers. We appreciate all you do!



Send in Your #Truckies for the July Social Media Photo Contest

by Miranda Brooks 28. July 2021 10:17

We love seeing your photos from the road, so we're holding a monthly photography contest! Send us your best #truckies for a chance to win a $50 paycheck bonus. And you just might see your photography featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Service Center TV screens, and more. This month, we'll compile your submissions and let you pick the winner by voting for your favorite on Facebook and Instagram.

Here's how it works:

Starting now, submit your photos by the last day of each month in 2021 through our Facebook page by visiting or email your photos to us at

Voting will open at the beginning of the following month on Facebook and Instagram.

The photo that receives the most votes ("Likes") wins!

We can't wait to see your photos!​

📷: Professional Driver Cindy R.



June’s Drivers and Trainer of the Month Are Here!

by Miranda Brooks 27. July 2021 09:41

We think all U.S. Xpress drivers are some of the best professional truck drivers out there. Every day they're helping support the supply chain and keeping everyone in the country going.

But we want to recognize a specific few who have been beyond relentless. These drivers were nominated by their managers and chosen as winners by company leadership based on their outstanding safety records, hours of service compliance, and overall good reputation. Each of them will be recognized with a plaque, a $150 gift certificate to the company store, and an entry to become the 2021 Driver/Trainer of the Year.


Now let's get to it! June’s winners are:


Jenea F. – Dedicated Solo Driver of the Month

"Jenea is a great driver. She is consistent and reliable. She has a great relationship with the stores she delivers to. She’s been with the account since its start and has always performed at the highest level. She is outgoing and has a great attitude with everyone here in the office and the stores. She deserves this recognition because she succeeds in everything she does by putting out the best effort she can. Every. Single. Day." – Michael Whitlock, Transportation Manager


Kelvin E. & Chad C. – Dedicated Team Drivers of the Month

“Kelvin and Chad are a one-of-a-kind team. They run hard, communicate very effectively, and are a huge asset to our Hobby Lobby account. I never have any issues from either of them and when they’re out running—they’re running. I can always count on them to make sure our customer is taken care of without a doubt. It has been a pleasure working with them ever since I took over the Hobby Lobby account. I’m glad they are being recognized because they definitely deserve it.” – Andrew Brownell, Transportation Supervisor


Clifton F. – Dedicated Slipseat Driver of the Month

“Clif is a fantastic driver. He’s always a pleasure to dispatch, always on time, and helps the customer in any way he can. He’s a very dedicated and hard-working driver. It’s a pleasure to have him on the team.” – Lee Hogle, Transportation Manager


Diego R. – Dedicated Owner Operator of the Month


Frans V. – OTR Solo Driver of the Month

"Frans has been with the Auto group for a long time and is always in a good mood and ready to help. He runs the freight well, and we never hear from him unless a major issue has come up. He is always willing to help out and never complains." – Billy Chastain, Automotive Ops Coordinator


Donavon C. & Tracasa C. – OTR Team Drivers of the Month

"Donavon and Tracasa are a great asset to our team. They are always willing to help out when needed and will go above and beyond for the company." – Phyllis Overla, Team Fleet Manager


Sergio V. – OTR Owner Operator of the Month

"Sergio just has his one-year anniversary with U.S. Xpress. He is extremely hard working and always willing to help with anything we ask of him. He’s been with several trucking companies over the years and says that U.S. Xpress is the best. He appreciates the good miles, good pay, and getting home on time when requested so that he can spend time with his family and one-year-old son." – Nick Hammons, Operations Manager


Richard C. – Trainer of the Month

"Richard is one of the finest drivers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is always on time, has no issues with his loads, and is always willing to help any driver he can. Richard is a very thoughtful and dedicated driver. It’s always a pleasure to see him."  – Lee Hogle, Transportation Manager


Join us in giving a big congratulations to all these drivers for their hard work, dedication, and relentless attitude as they help keep us rolling.






This New Love’s App Feature Is Just for You.

by Miranda Brooks 26. July 2021 11:44

You may already use the Love’s app for things like managing your rewards, checking into the showers, etc. But we’ve been working with Love’s and U.S. Bank to cook up a brand-new feature. Now, you can add your U.S. Bank card to your Love’s app and activate fuel pumps through the app instead of having to insert your card and type in your validation info at the pump.


If you haven’t already, download the Love’s app (on iOS or Android) so you can start taking advantage of this new perk today.   



Here’s to You, Parents!

by Miranda Brooks 25. July 2021 09:25

Today is a day to recognize outstanding parents, celebrate raising children, and support the role of parents in building a strong, stable society. That’s right — it’s Parents’ Day!


Thank you to all the parents out there. Being a truck driver is hard enough. But a truck driver and a parent? You deserve every celebration you can get. So, where you’re out on the road or home with your kids, we hope you enjoy this day meant just for you. Happy Parent’s Day! 





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