Team Member Update: COVID-19

by Miranda Brooks 3. October 2020 11:13

144 U.S. Xpress team members have now tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, most of them drivers. We’re happy to say, many of them are doing well and back in action. But for those who are still testing positive, we’re wishing them a speedy recovery and hope to have them back in action soon. 


As always, for the sake of your health, that of your teammates, and to help stop the spread of the virus, remember to take these CDC-recommended precautions:

·        Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

·        Wear a face covering whenever you are outside your home. Remember, if you’re going into any U.S. Xpress facilities, masks are required when in shared spaces.

·        Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is a good substitute.

·        Disinfect frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis.


Stay safe and keep up the good work.




U.S. Xpress Driver Referral Has Gone Mobile

by Miranda Brooks 2. October 2020 11:12

You likely all know about our Driver Referral Program. If not, we’ll catch you up.


Right now, if you’re a company driver, you can refer any new hire (not a previous U.S. Xpress driver), and earn some cold hard cash:

  • $2,000 for every experienced Solo Driver.
  • $4,000 for every experienced Team


You’ll receive your bonus once the new hire delivers their first load as a U.S. Xpress driver. Though the Driver Referral Bonus is open to *U.S. Xpress company drivers only, there’s no limit to how many referrals you can make.


We know our old referral process wasn’t exactly ideal. So, we’ve made some big changes we think you’ll like.


What’s new? Now it’s easier than ever to refer a driver. Just text “Refer” to (423) 436-9588 and our virtual assistant will guide you through the rest, making sure your reference is contacted and, if hired, you get paid.


Rather do it from your computer? No problem. You can access the virtual assistant and get the referral process started here.


Thanks for your help! We can’t wait to meet all the great drivers you bring to the table.


* Variant drivers, please contact your Operations Specialist for information on how to refer a driver. 



The October Social Media Contest Starts Today.

by Miranda Brooks 1. October 2020 10:48
We love seeing your photos from the road, so we're holding a monthly photography contest! Send us your best #truckies for a chance to win a $50 paycheck bonus. You might see your photography featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Service Center TV screens, etc. This month, we'll compile your submissions and let you pick the winner by voting for your favorite on Facebook and Instagram.
Here's how it works:
Starting now, submit your photos by October 31st through our Facebook page or email them to
Voting will open at the beginning of the following month on Facebook and Instagram.
The photo that receives the most votes ("Likes") wins!
Guidelines for Submissions
We're looking for great quality photos to feature. Here are some guidelines about what we're looking for in a photo:
  • Resolution is at least 8 megapixels (default size on most phones).
  • File format is jpg (standard format on most phones).
  • Size is original or the largest setting.
  • Orientation is landscape (taken when phone is held on its side).
Tips for Better Photos:
For those with digital cameras, taking a good photo is a breeze when you know how to adjust your settings. But did you know the same goes for iPhones and Androids? You can take great photos with your phone following these simple tricks:
  • Make sure your lens is clean. Even a speck of dirt or a small finger print can make a photo unfocused and blurry.
  • Avoid blurriness by setting up auto-focus or manually focusing before taking your shot. On nearly all smartphones, you can do it manually simply by tapping the center of the screen. On most digital cameras, you can do this by holding down the shutter button.
  • Ensure a good balance of lightness and darkness by adjusting your exposure or turning on HDR. On nearly all smartphones, exposure can be adjusted by tapping the center of the screen and using the slider that pops up on the side of the screen.
  • Use natural light if possible. Your best bet is to take a photo outside during the day with the sun behind the cameras, in front of whoever or whatever you're photographing.
  • Avoid flash when possible. While it's good for taking photos in low light, generally it makes a photo worse by causing glowing eyes or unnatural skin color.
Frame the perfect shot by applying the "rule of thirds". You can either go into your settings to select the option that shows a grid or you can imagine a three-by-three grid on your phone screen. Aim to get the most interesting parts (like people's faces) near the corners of the boxes, where the gridlines meet.  
We can't wait to see your photos!



Scan in Your Paperwork from the Safety of Your Cab

by Miranda Brooks 30. September 2020 10:41

Have you tried the scanning feature in your Xpress Mobile App? If not, this is a great time to start using it. Why?  


It’s Convenient.

You can scan and view your paperwork from anywhere.


It’s Instant.

The app allows you to skip the lines for scanners so you can get back on the road sooner. 


It’s Easy.

If you already have the Xpress Mobile App, everything you need is already on your phone. 


It helps keep you safe. 

Since most drivers on the road have to scan in paperwork, scanners are often some of the more frequently touched items in our facilities and at truck stops. In the era of COVID-19, that’s the kind of thing you should be avoiding. Not to mention standing close to others as you wait in line for the scanner. When you use your app, you don’t even have to leave your cab. Just remember to disinfect your phone on a regular basis. 


Don’t have the Xpress Mobile App? Go to click on "Xpress Mobile App" to download it today.


Feel free to reach out to your manager if you have any questions.


Stay safe, drivers. We appreciate all you do!




Congratulations to August’s Drivers and Trainer of the Month!

by Miranda Brooks 29. September 2020 08:03

We think all U.S. Xpress drivers are some of the best Professional Truck Drivers out there. Every day you’re helping support the supply chain and keeping everyone in the country going, particularly during these uncertain times.


But we want to recognize a specific few of you who have been beyond Relentless. These drivers have been nominated by their managers and chosen as winners by company leadership based on their outstanding safety records, hours of service compliance, and overall good reputation. Each of them will be recognized with a plaque, a $150 gift certificate to the company store, and an entry to become the 2020 Driver/Trainer of the Year.


Now let’s get to it! August’s winners are:


Adam Reagan: Dedicated Solo Driver of the Month

“Adam is an outstanding person and a great Professional Driver. With a strict schedule of 3500+ miles a week, timing and dependability are crucial. Adam excels at his job and it’s a true privilege to be able to work with him on a daily basis.” – Michael Chandler, Transportation Supervisor


Amin Motazedian & Justin Henry: Dedicated Team Drivers of the Month

“Amin and Justin are HUGE assets not only to this organization, but to transportation as a whole. They constantly demonstrate their Relentless work ethic by never missing a beat on their lane. They’re always early for their pickups, have made every delivery on time, communicate every single time they believe our customer may be in jeopardy, and, on top of all that, are very safe drivers! It’s not only a pleasure, but also an honor to work side by side with Amin and Justin. On behalf of myself, my two sons, and my two daughters, we thank you, Justin and Amin!” - Mike DeLeon, Transportation Supervisor


Damian Amos: Dedicated Slipseat Driver of the Month

“Damien is a go-getter and a hard runner. He’s always efficient and does what is needed. What makes him a great driver is his can do attitude and his team player mentality.” – Laura Fridley, Transportation Manager


Chad Kelly: Dedicated Owner Operator of the Month

“I can honestly say if I had more drivers like Chad I wouldn’t have many issues. He’s always on time and very professional.” – Tim Henderson, Transportation Supervisor


John Tidwell: OTR Solo Driver of the Month

“John Tidwell has been driving with US Xpress since 1992, almost 30 years now. He’s honestly one of my most dependable drivers and is always willing to help out when needed, taking extra loads or working a long schedule over the week if needed to help out the customer. He is always striving to do better and consistently asks me how he can make my job easier which never ceases to surprise me. He just an outstanding driver. Congratulations, John, and thank you again for your many years of hard work with the company and with Expeditors! U.S. Xpress, our customer, and I so appreciate and are lucky to have you on the team!” – Autumn Trent, Operations Experience Rep


Dawnna Nash & Theresa Delome: OTR Team Drivers of the Month

“Dawnna and Theresa are huge assets to the team. They always make sure they pick up their route and deliver on time and they’re always willing to help do other routes if needed.” – Phyllis Overla, Fleet Support Manager


Anthony Collins: OTR Owner Operator of the Month

“Mr. Collins is a dedicated and Relentless driver. He’s always willing to help no matter what the haul of the load is. I was lucky to become his Fleet Manager last year, and, as he says, ‘We are 4 flats on a Cadillac.’ I used to think it was an insult, but he meant we’re down with it and make a great team. Anthony is always pleasant to talk to on the phone and extremely respectful to the customers. This is one man who can always get unloaded early. Mr. Anthony, I cannot thank you enough for being such an AMAZING person. We are lucky to have you at U.S. Xpress.” – Tanya Thompson, Fleet Support Manager


Michael Jensen: Trainer of the Month

“Michael has been on the Dedicated Michaels fleet for over 2 years. He’s a dependable driver who is always willing and able to go the extra mile to help U.S. Xpress, his students, and the customer.  Michael possesses a positive attitude which helps him succeed. The students are well taken care of and given every opportunity to learn and be as successful. Michael’s commitment goes beyond the time the student spends on his truck – continual communication is kept with students even after completing their training. Michael’s value to the team is irreplaceable and recognizing him as the Trainer of the Month is well deserved.” – Ed Worgull, Transportation Manager


Join us in giving a big congratulations to all of these men and women for their hard work, dedication, and Relentless attitude as they, and all of you, help keep this country rolling.




Complete Your Fall/Winter 2020 Training Assignments by November 13, 2020

by Miranda Brooks 28. September 2020 10:11

As part of our commitment to your ongoing professional development, you have been assigned training that is now available on our Professional Driver Development Site. We’re asking that you complete the four required assignments by November 13, 2020.

You will also notice four additional topics under your Featured Training section. These assignments are not required, but we highly recommend reviewing the available information for each topic.

Our Professional Driver Development program is designed to help you throughout your career, whether you’re new or experienced. Part of this involves training assignments that help you stay up to date about important aspects of your job. This quarter, we’re focusing on the following topics:

  • Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
  •  Hours of Service
  • Winter Slipping Hazards
  • Extreme Weather Driving

Our suggested topics under the Featured Training include:

  • Information on the new FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse and the Driver Consent Forms that must be signed
  • Chain Banks
  • Anti-Gel Fuel Additive
  • Tire Chaining

You can complete all assignments at once or one at a time, whichever is most convenient for you. Plus, you can access them quickly and easily online. Log on to the Professional Driver Development Site one of the following ways:

  • From the welcome page at, click the “Professional Driver Development Site” button.
  • From within, click the “Learning System” link found under MY TOOLS.
  • Or, from, click the “PROFESSIONAL DRIVER DEVELOPMENT” link at the bottom of the main page.

You can sign in with your Xpress Mobile/U.S. Xpressway username and password. If you have not signed up for Xpress Mobile or U.S. Xpressway yet, you can create a login by visiting

New to the Professional Driver Development Site? For a video on how to access your training, visit

If you have any questions about your training assignments or the Professional Driver Development Site, please reach out to your manager or the Professional Development team (

Thanks for driving with us!



We won!

by Miranda Brooks 27. September 2020 09:55

The votes are in and we’re proud to announce that the Chattanooga Times Free Press named U.S. Xpress this year’s “Best Chattanooga Employer in the Trucking / Logistics Industry” in its annual “Best of the Best” competition. Thanks to everyone who voted for us – we couldn’t have won without your support!



Optimize Your Earnings & Minimize Your Taxes with Per Diem Advantage

by Miranda Brooks 26. September 2020 09:51

As you likely know, with the introduction of a 2018 tax law, you may no longer itemize work expenses for tax purposes. But there is good news: the IRS now allows you to keep $66 of your earnings per day tax-free as a professional truck driver.


U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage makes sure you get the full advantage of this  IRS benefit, allowing you to potentially take home up to 8% more per pay check.


How does it work? Check out our video for the details and an example of what you could be taking home on Per Diem Advantage.


Don’t forget, since the 2018 tax law went into effect, U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage is now the only way you can get a tax-free IRS benefit.


You should keep in mind that everyone’s tax situation is a little different, and you can visit to get an estimate that closely matches your individual circumstances. We also recommend that you talk with a tax professional if you’re still unsure about whether Per Diem Advantage is right for you.


If you’re ready to enroll in Per Diem Advantage, you can sign up in three easy ways:

  • Enter a Payroll Setup Macro 53 on DriverTech and type “Y” behind “DO YOU ELECT TO PARTICIPATE IN PER DIEM ADVANTAGE”.
  • Call your Fleet Support Manager or Account Supervisor.
  • Call 1-844-USXPRESS and speak to a Payroll team member by selecting Option #5.



Are You a Certified Trucker Against Trafficking?

by Miranda Brooks 25. September 2020 09:53

As you may know, victims of human trafficking are often found in locations frequented by truck drivers. These victims need our help, and that’s why U.S. Xpress has partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). TAT is a nonprofit organization that trains truck drivers to recognize and report instances of human trafficking. By learning how to identify the signs and report incidents of trafficking, you can play a vital role in rescuing victims. Since 2009, professional drivers like you have reported over 2,000 cases to TAT’s national hotline and freed over 1,000 people.


You can help victims of human trafficking with a TAT-certification course that involves a 26-minute video, followed by a 10-minute quiz. 


Access the training one of three ways:


  • On, there’s a direct link with a button titled “Professional Driver Development Site”.
  • Or, if you’re already logged into U.S. Xpressway, you can find the Learning System listed under MY TOOLS.
  • Or, you can go to our main website, At the bottom of the main page, you can click “PROFESSIONAL DRIVER DEVELOPMENT” to access the platform.


Once you’re in the Learning System, look for “Truckers Against Trafficking” in your list of assignments, and click on the video. 




Is Your Address Up-To-Date?

by Miranda Brooks 24. September 2020 11:09

Each year, many team members change their address due to a move, but with everything else going on during that time, they forget to update their contact information with U.S. Xpress.


If this occurs, it can unfortunately result in several potential problems as the year progresses. Important documents, such as W-2's or benefits plan information, may be sent to the wrong address. In addition, state income taxes may be calculated, deducted, and reported incorrectly. These situations could result in compromised personal information, delayed receipt of important documents, paying taxes to the wrong state, or even paying more taxes than needed.


In order to minimize these events, we ask that you take a moment and verify your contact information by visiting and selecting "Employee Self Service" in the bottom righthand corner of the page. Your employee ID and password will be used to login. If you have never logged in before, your password will the last four digits of your social security number, two-digit month of birth, and two-digit year of birth (example 12340160).

Once logged in, you can review all of your contact information, and if anything is incorrect, you can easily change it through the Employee Self Service page, or by contacting the HR Service Center by phone (800-670-1915; x257510) or email (


Thank you for your assistance as we work to protect you and your personal information!




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