An Armed Forces Celebration

by Miranda Brooks 15. May 2021 08:14

On May 15th, the nation celebrates Armed Forces Day – a day recognizing anyone who has or is serving in the U.S. military. With 11% of drivers and 5% of office team members having served, we’re proud to celebrate this day and all the veterans on our team.

How did we celebrate? By participating in Chattanooga, TN’s annual Armed Forces Day parade hosted by Hamilton County and the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council. The early celebration on May 7th featured two of our military trucks driven by two of our proud veteran drivers. 

Thank you to all our veterans for your service. We celebrate and honor you today and always.



Getting Through the Pandemic Together

by Miranda Brooks 14. May 2021 10:19

COVID vaccines are now available and being distributed nationally to those over the age of 12. Many of you have already gotten your shot, and many more are still planning to get vaccinated soon. But we also know others are more hesitant.

A few weeks ago, we welcomed Dr. Andrea Willis, Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, to answer common vaccine questions to ease some of the anxiety around the vaccine. Take a look at some of these highlights from the virtual Town Hall. Watch it here:

If you have not already received the vaccine, it’s quick and easy. Just find a convenient location administering the shot by visiting Once you choose a location, you can schedule an appointment during your next home time or PTO.

Vaccinated or not, we still need to be diligent about following all CDC recommendations to help keep yourself as well as your friends, families, teammates, and neighbors safe. Remember, many people are still not vaccinated and remain vulnerable to COVID-19.  

As always, if you feel ill or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please get tested as soon as possible and watch carefully for a fever (100.4◦F), cough, loss of smell, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.

To get tested for the virus, visit a nearby state or county health department’s website for testing updates and restrictions. Keep in mind, some areas require you to be a state or county resident to be tested. The CDC offers a great resource to find that information.

You are still required to wear a face-covering at any U.S. Xpress facility, including all offices, shops, terminals, and Dedicated locations. When possible, we also urge you to take breaks in your cab instead of using driver lounges or other shared spaces.


It’s been a long road, but we’re happy to say, with the increased availability of vaccines, there may be an end in sight. But it takes all of us doing everything we can to remain healthy for us to truly overcome this pandemic.  




Inside the Lane: Staying Healthy on the Road with Bob Perry

by Miranda Brooks 13. May 2021 10:15

As a Professional Truck Driver, staying healthy can be tough. But it’s possible! How? Learn all about it in our latest episode of Inside the Lane featuring Founder and President of Health in Transportation Bob Perry. He’s full of tips and tricks on working out, cooking, preventing poor health, and even maintaining your mental health while you’re out on the road.

As always, we’ll also have some trucker trivia, company news, and of course, a chance to win this week’s giveaway.

Tune in now, and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode.




Driver Line: A New Way to Reach Payroll

by Miranda Brooks 13. May 2021 10:03

Getting in touch with Payroll shouldn’t be difficult. After all, you earned that paycheck. If you have questions about your pay, we want you to get an answer as quickly as possible. So, we’ve updated our Driver Line menu options to reduce the number of transfers needed to access Payroll Self-Service or get in touch with the Payroll team.

As usual, when you call the Driver Line (1-844-879-7737) you’ll select option 5 to access the Payroll menu. From there, you’ll have the following options:

  • For payroll self-service, select 1.
  • To speak to someone about an owing agreement, select 2.
  • For garnishments, select 3.
  • All other pay, select 4.
  • To repeat the above options, select 9.

Thanks for all your hard work. We hope this change helps get you everything you need as quickly and easily as possible.




Scan in Your Paperwork from the Safety of Your Cab

by Miranda Brooks 12. May 2021 10:53

Have you tried the scanning feature in your Xpress Mobile App? If not, this is a great time to start using it. Why?  

It’s Convenient.

You can scan and view your paperwork from anywhere.

It’s Instant.

The app allows you to skip the lines for scanners so you can get back on the road sooner. 

It’s Easy.

If you already have the Xpress Mobile App, everything you need is already on your phone. 

It helps keep you safe. 

Since most drivers on the road have to scan in paperwork, scanners are often some of the more frequently touched items in our facilities and at truck stops. In the era of COVID-19, that’s the kind of thing you should be avoiding. Not to mention standing close to others as you wait in line for the scanner. When you use your app, you don’t even have to leave your cab. Just remember to disinfect your phone on a regular basis. 

Don’t have the Xpress Mobile App? Go to click on "Xpress Mobile App" to download it today.

Feel free to reach out to your manager if you have any questions.

Stay safe, drivers. We appreciate all you do!



EAP: Supporting You Through Life’s Challenges

by Miranda Brooks 11. May 2021 10:13

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to remind you that keeping your mind healthy is just as important as maintaining your physical health. But it’s not always as easy. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help.

The EAP is set up to help you and your family members cope with any of life’s challenges – anytime, anywhere. Through the program, you have access to confidential counseling on any issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Relationship concerns
  • Parenting challenges
  • Grief or loss of a loved one
  • Stress

Help is just a click or phone call away. Just call 1-800-854-1446or visit



Professional Driver Development: Transferring Logs

by Miranda Brooks 10. May 2021 09:16

When you’re pulled over for an inspection, you need to show the enforcement officer your logs. But those live on your DriverTech unit, which can’t be removed from your cab. You can’t have the officer climb into your truck, so what do you do? You show your logs to them using your mobile device.

Learn how to transfer your logs to your phone or tablet as part of your Professional Driver Development training. You can easily access it by visiting where you’ll find a direct link titled “Professional Driver Development Site.” Remember, you must complete all your training by May 30th, 2021.

New to the Professional Driver Development Site? For a video on how to access your training, visit

If you have any questions about your training assignments or the Professional Driver Development Site, please reach out to your manager or the Professional Development team at




Celebrating Some of the Real MVPs

by Miranda Brooks 9. May 2021 09:42

All the moms out there know – being a mother is a huge time commitment. And all of you know the same goes for being a driver. But there are some ladies out there who manage to do both. In honor of Mother’s Day, we caught up with two of them, Sheryl M. and Rochelle G. Check out what they had to say in our latest Delivering Ideas blog post[: .



A Day to Celebrate Some Unsung Heroes

by Miranda Brooks 7. May 2021 10:09

Today we’re celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day – a day to honor the contributions, sacrifices, and support given by military spouses. They’re the backbone of our troops’ support system during training, deployment, reintegration, and beyond – the silent heroes who are essential to the strength of the nation.


To everyone who has helped support a spouse in the military, thank you for your service.



Help Us Help You! Rate our 40,000 Parking Locations.

by Miranda Brooks 7. May 2021 09:28

​You can now easily locate a safe parking location on your route right from your DriverTech navigation. Simply press the blue road sign button on your DriverTech navigation screen, select “Parking”, and your DriverTech unit will then begin searching for options based on your current route. When the search is complete, up to four optimal parking options will display on your screen, and you can select the one that best suits your needs. 

Our goal is to ultimately provide you with the best possible suggestions for parking locations on your route, so we need your feedback! When you visit one of these 40,000 parking locations, please take a few minutes to rate your experience based on the following categories:

  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Lighting 
  • Ease of Accessibility 
  • Lot Fullness

Coming soon, your ratings will be used to create average driver ratings for each location so that you will be able to view how your fellow drivers have rated a suggested parking location before you select it. Your ratings on these locations will help us provide you with the best future suggestions, fueled by your collective feedback.

If you have any questions about locating or rating parking in your DriverTech navigation, reach out to your manager. Thanks for driving with us!





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