Team Member Update: COVID-19

by Christina Sacco 16. July 2020 09:06

As of Monday, July 13th, 60 U.S. Xpress team members have tested positive for COVID-19, up 15 from our last update. Though some of them are now testing negative and even back to work and the others are all in stable condition, an increase of 15 cases is a large jump. So, please, remember to take the following precautions to help stop the spread of the virus:

  • COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period, so maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  • Wear a face covering whenever you get out of your truck.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is a good substitute.
  • Disinfect frequently touches surfaces as often as possible.


 As always, thank you for your hard work during this uncertain time. Please be safe. 



Don’t Get Penalized: Learn How to Access E-logs on Your Mobile Device

by Christina Sacco 15. July 2020 08:37

As you know, during an inspection, you’re responsible for showing your HOS logs and knowing the functions related to a roadside inspection from within your DriverTech unit. But do you know how to access the information on your mobile device? It’s easy.

Step 1: Enable airplane mode on your mobile device.

Step 2: Open WiFi settings. 

Step 3: Connect to your personal DriverTech network, it will be “DT” followed by your personal device number. 

Step 4: Enter the password “drivertech”.

Step 5: Select sign in prompt, or navigate to on your web browser. It may take a few moments for your device to connect

Now you’re directly connected to DriverTech and your mobile device is acting as your ELD display screen. Go ahead and hand it to the DOT officer so he or she can complete your inspection. Then just like that – you’re back on the road!



Operation Safe Driver Week is Underway

by Christina Sacco 13. July 2020 08:23

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance launches its Operation Safe Driver Week yesterday, July 12. From now through Saturday, July 18, law enforcement will be on the lookout for commercial and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in dangerous driving behavior, with an emphasis on speeding.

During this week, you should use the same safe driving practices that you do every day. These include:

• Maintaining speeds at or below posted speed limits

• Wearing a seat belt

• Not using any handheld mobile device, including cell phones

• Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you

• Making proper lane changes

• Avoiding reckless and aggressive driving

• Obeying all traffic signs and devices, including stop signs, traffic lights, lane restriction signs, weight limit signs, etc. 

If you have any questions about Operation Safe Driver Week, please reach out to your manager or the Safety Department.

We appreciate you always being safe out there, and thanks for driving with us!



Optimize Your Earnings & Minimize Your Taxes with Per Diem Advantage

by Ashley Rhodes 11. July 2020 14:00

As you likely know, with the introduction of a 2018 tax law, you may no longer itemize work expenses for tax purposes. But there is good news: the IRS now allows you to keep $66 of your earnings per day tax-free as a professional truck driver.


U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage makes sure you get the full advantage of this  IRS benefit, allowing you to potentially take home up to 8% more per pay check.


How does it work? Check out our video for the details and an example of what you could be taking home on Per Diem Advantage.


Don’t forget, since the 2018 tax law went into effect, U.S. Xpress Per Diem Advantage is now the only way you can get a tax-free IRS benefit.


You should keep in mind that everyone’s tax situation is a little different, and you can visit to get an estimate that closely matches your individual circumstances. We also recommend that you talk with a tax professional if you’re still unsure about whether Per Diem Advantage is right for you.


If you’re ready to enroll in Per Diem Advantage, you can sign up in three easy ways:


• Enter a Payroll Setup Macro 53 on DriverTech and type “Y” behind “DO YOU ELECT TO PARTICIPATE IN PER DIEM ADVANTAGE”.

• Call your Fleet Support Manager or Account Supervisor.

• Call 1-844-USXPRESS and speak to a Payroll team member by selecting Option #5.



Operation Safe Driver Week starts this Sunday.

by Ashley Rhodes 10. July 2020 10:40

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) “Operation Safe Driver Week” takes place July 12-18 this year. During this 7-day period, law enforcement will be on the lookout for commercial and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in dangerous driving behavior, with an emphasis on speeding. 


During the week, officers will be pulling over drivers who engage in dangerous behaviors. You can avoid being pulled over and issued a citation by using the same safe practices you do every day, including:


• Maintaining speeds at or below posted speed limits

• Wearing a seatbelt

• Not using any handheld mobile device, including cell phones

• Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them

• Making proper lane changes

• Avoiding reckless and aggressive driving

• Obeying all traffic signs and devices, including stop signs, traffic lights, lane restriction signs, weight limit signs, etc. 


If you have any questions about Operation Safe Driver Week, reach out to your manager. 


Stay safe out there! 



Want an extra $4,000 in your pocket?

by Ashley Rhodes 9. July 2020 13:55

Introduce us to new drivers, and the cash could be yours. 


For a limited time only, we are now paying… 

• $2,000 for every experienced Solo Driver 

• $4,000 for every experienced Team


You’ll receive your bonus once your new hire delivers their first load as a U.S. Xpress driver. Though the Driver Referral Bonus is open to U.S. Xpress company drivers only, there’s no limit to how many referrals you can make.

Get your cash in hand ASAP. Make a referral by visiting


Thinking of teaming up yourself? There’s $1,500 in it for U.S. Xpress drivers. Find a partner (or we can help you find one), and you’ll each earn a $1,500 Team Up Bonus.


Why drive as a team? You’ll get more miles, more money, and you’ll be eligible for our Utilization Bonus each month. Plus, our OTR Team CPM is one of the best in the country.


Know someone outside the company you want to team up with? Bring them on as a U.S. Xpress driver, and you’ll not only get the $1,500 Team Up Bonus, but you’ll also score an additional $2,000 Driver Referral Bonus!


Ready to make more money by driving Team? Contact today to get started. Please note, the $1,500 Team Up Bonus is for OTR Teams only and is for both U.S. Xpress company drivers and independent contractors.



Introducing May’s Drivers & Trainer of the Month

by Ashley Rhodes 8. July 2020 13:20

Though we appreciate all of your hard work, we want to give a special shout out to our Drivers and Trainer of the Month who have been nominated by their managers and chosen as winners by company leadership based on their outstanding safety records, hours of service compliance, and overall good reputation. Each of them will be recognized with a plaque, a $150 gift certificate to the company store, and an entry to become the 2020 Driver/Trainer of the Year.


Now let’s get to it! May’s winners are: 


Dedicated Solo Driver of the Month: Marcus M.

“Marcus is a professional driver, all day, every day. He is always on time, if not early, and goes above and beyond to make sure our customers’ expectations are met each and every day. He takes pride in the job he does, and it shows. His relentless work ethic is second to none! I am proud to have him on the Target Newton team!” – Mitch Whittle, Transportation Manager


Dedicated Team Drivers of the Month: Logan K. & John F.

“Logan and John have been running as a support truck for the FedEx Doubles Dedicated account since November of 2019 and I’m so appreciative of their hard work and dedication. Running support for this account isn’t easy. It requires many weeks on the road away from home, a ton of miles and a lot of hooking and unhooking sets of doubles trailers. Logan and John are amazing to work with. They never complain and are always up for any lane I throw at them. They truly deserve the honor of Dedicated Team of the Month. Thank you, Logan and John, for everything you do. Working for you two is an absolute pleasure.” – Tina Branham, Transportation Supervisor 


Dedicated Slipseat Driver of the Month: Michael V. Jr.

“I couldn’t be happier to see Mike receive this award. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since I came on board with U.S. Xpress in late 2017 when he worked for me out of the Walmart GC site. He is thoughtful, hard-working, knowledgeable, and the guy you trust when you’re in a tough spot. If he can help, and has the hours to do so, he’ll complete the job with a smile on his face. His only downfall, his inability to eat sweets, translates into calories for the office team because he showers them with treats he can only enjoy from afar. He’s top notch, and the whole Walmart team is grateful to have him. Congrats, Mike!” – Stephenie Jackson, Regional Manager 


Dedicated Owner Operator Driver of the Month: Paul B.

Paul isn’t just one of our May Drivers of the Month. He was also 2019’s Owner Operator Driver of the Year! Needless to say, he’s a great asset to the U.S. Xpress team. 


OTR Solo Driver of the Month: Clinton W.

“Clinton is an absolute joy to work with. He’s always positive, does everything that’s asked of him, is a true professional out on the road, and a great representative of U.S. Xpress. We’re lucky to have him!” – Jason Ward, Fleet Support Manager


OTR Team Drivers of the Month: Ahmed D. & Cody S.

“Ahmed and Cody are a great team. They support one another and do all that’s required of them, no matter what. They take initiative and run hard, always with a smile. If we had more team trucks like this one, U.S. Xpress would benefit greatly. They make my job easy!” – Kellye Simerley, Fleet Support Manager 


OTR Owner Operator of the Month: George G.


Trainer of the Month: Ronald C.

“Ronald is one of my most dependable drivers. He’s a team player with a ‘can do’ attitude, always making sure his students understand every aspect of the Walmart account.” – Laura Fridley, Transportation Manager 


Join us in giving a big congratulations to May’s Drivers and Trainer of the Month for their hard work, dedication, and Relentless attitude. We’re lucky to have each of them on our team. 


And as always, thank you all for driving with us. Stay safe. 



President & CEO Eric Fuller to Host a Virtual Town Hall this Thursday, July 9th

by Ashley Rhodes 7. July 2020 16:00

Thursday, July 9th at 10:00am EDT, President & CEO Eric Fuller will be hosting our next virtual Town Hall meeting, open to all team members. The meeting will be held on Zoom, a virtual meeting platform that you can access on your desktop or mobile device.

As always, whether you have specific questions or just want to listen in, we encourage you to join by clicking the link below at the meeting time. To ask specific questions, click the Q&A button at the bottom of the screen when you enter the Zoom meeting. Your questions will be vetted and answered in order.


Thursday July 9th – 10:00am EDT

Zoom link:


Thanks to everyone who has participated in past Town Halls. We’re looking forward to hearing from even more of you as we continue the series. “See” you there.



Sparkling Trucks Start with the Blue Beacon Truck Wash Program

by Ashley Rhodes 7. July 2020 13:31

Is your truck ready for a wash?

With the Blue Beacon Truck Wash program, company drivers can get tractors, trailers, or both washed once every 28 days – and we’ll pay for it!

Owner Operators are also welcome to take advantage of the program with unlimited washes. Each wash will be paid for initially by U.S. Xpress then billed back to you at a later date.

More information on the Blue Beacon Truck Wash program as well as the rest of your Professional Driver Development Summer Training is now live. It’s divided into five quick assignments you should complete by Friday, September 11th.

Access the training quickly and easily online! Simply log on to the Professional Driver Development Site one of the following ways:

  • From the welcome page at, click the “Professional Driver Development Site” button.
  • From within, click the “Learning System” link found under MY TOOLS.
  • Or, from, click the “PROFESSIONAL DRIVER DEVELOPMENT” link at the bottom of the main page.

You can sign in with your Xpress Mobile/U.S. Xpressway username and password. If you have not signed up for Xpress Mobile or U.S. Xpressway yet, you can create a login by visiting

New to the Professional Driver Development Site? For a video on how to access your training, visit

If you have any questions, just reach out to your manager. And, as always, thanks for driving with us!



Vote for Your Favorite Truckie on Facebook and Instagram

by Ashley Rhodes 6. July 2020 12:28

Voting starts today for our June Social Media Photography Contest and you choose the winner! Head over to our Facebook (@USXpressDrivers) or Instagram (@us.xpressdrivers) today through Monday, July 13th at noon to vote for your favorite photo from the road submitted by a fellow driver. 

We’re holding this photo each month all year long, so send us your best truck photo anytime for a chance to win a $50 paycheck bonus. And you just might see your photography featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Service Center TV screens, and more. Each month, we’ll compile the top submissions and let you pick the winner by voting for your favorite on Facebook and Instagram. 


Here’s how it works:

- Submit your photos by the last day of each month in 2020 through our Facebook page (@USXpressDrivers) or email your photos to us at 

- Voting will open at the beginning of the following month on Facebook and Instagram

- The photo that receives the most votes wins! 


Guidelines for Submissions:

We’re looking for great quality photos to feature. Here are some guidelines about what we’re looking for in a photo:

• Resolution is at least 8 megapixels (default size on most phones). 

• File format is jpg (standard format on most phones).

• Size is original or the largest setting. 

• Orientation is landscape (taken when phone is held on its side).


Photo credit: Professional Driver and May Photo Contest Winner Montreal S.




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