July Drivers of the Month

by Christine Turner31. July 2015 10:00


We are very excited to announce our July Drivers of the Month. Please visit the website to see the awards, selection process, nomination criteria, and details about the Driver of the Year: http://www.usxjobs.com/truck-driver-jobs/driver-of-the-month/of-the-month/
Please make sure to congratulate your fellow drivers!


Please make sure to congratulate your fellow drivers!


Dedicated – Robert Hastings




Solo – Ralph Heer




Regional – Steven Tash




Team – Andrew Markowski and Kyle Thibault




Lease – Melvin Davis




17th Annual Golf Tournament

by Christine Turner30. July 2015 10:00


17th Annual Golf Tournament

September 12, 2015

Calhoun Elks Lodge...
143 Craigtown Rd NE
Calhoun, GA 30701

Please get your team together and contact Ken Haynes in Tunnel Hill if you are interested in playing. The cost is $40 plus any amounts you pay for mulligans and red tees.




Chattanooga Strong

by Christine Turner29. July 2015 10:00


In honor of the heroic five servicemen who lost their lives and the police officer who was wounded in the tragic shootings in our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S. Xpress Inc. is making a donation to the Chattanooga Heroes Fund. The fund was created to provide a continuation of financial support to help the families and individuals directly affected by the shootings. Donations can be made at www.chattanoogaheroesfund.com. We are proud to say that together we are Chattanooga Strong.




2015 Safety Campaign 3 on DriverTech

by Christine Turner28. July 2015 10:00


2015 Safety Campaign 3 on DriverTech



As part of our ongoing training for drivers, we have launched 2015 Safety Campaign 3. In this campaign you will learn about


  • The new DVIR on DriverTech,

  • Using the new GPS navigation features,

  • Sliding tandems and the 5th wheel,

  • Preventing lane change accidents,

  • Avoiding CSA points at the scales,

  • The importance of hydration in the summer months, and

  • Opening and closing TrailerTail panels.


    This training will be available on your DriverTech unit once you have spent enough time in a wi-fi area for it to download.  You can tell if you are in a wi-fi area if the signal indicator is green. 

    If you have any problems accessing the training or have any questions, please contact DriverTech support.  Also – let us know if you have any suggestions for future topics!

    Call DriverTech Support at ext. 3199 if you have problems accessing the training.

    Remember, Drive S.M.A.R.T.  Safety Means Actions Require Thought.





Tips for reducing idling

by Christine Turner27. July 2015 10:00


When at a dock, please be sure to use the facilities where available. Most customers now have driver friendly lounges where the driver can get a snack and stay cool.





Blue Beacon Truck Wash

by Christine Turner24. July 2015 10:00

We wanted to remind everyone that you can now wash your truck and trailer every 28 days/4 weeks at any Blue Beacon Location without calling in to Xpress Roadside Assistance. You will be able to pull up to a Blue Beacon and provide your unit number, show your CDL and sign a wash ticket. This wash will include a cab wash as well as a trailer wash. We highly encourage that each tim...e you wash your truck, you also wash a trailer.Please note, you must show your CDL and sign in, and any other add-ons are your responsibility. This service will be available to all U.S. Xpress company drivers and “L” truck drivers.

So next time your truck is all shiny and clean share a picture with us on our US Xpress Drivers Facebook page!

Trailer washouts will still need to be called in for authorization. There is a separate Owner Operator account that will need to be called in for authorization.

We hope you enjoy!





Earn more money!

by Christine Turner23. July 2015 10:00

Have you heard about our driver referral program? You can earn $3,000 for teams, $1,000 for solo drivers and $250 for students/new graduates that you refer to US Xpress. Click here to learn more – www.usxreferralprogram.com



Safety Means Actions Require Thought

by Christine Turner22. July 2015 10:00


http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.rL16JzW3ImDu0XUDEzM9FQ&w=212&h=180&c=7&rs=1&qlt=90&o=4&pid=1.1Working in the heat?  Know how to keep your cool!


Heat stress can be serious business.  Heat cramps and heat rash are two of the minor symptoms, but here are some of the more serious ones.   If you exhibit any symptoms of heat-related illness, Get Help!  Move to a cool, shaded area.  Loosen or remove heavy clothing.  Drink water and electrolyte drinks.
















Be SMART about your personal safety!  Safety Means Actions Require Thought




We hope that you will never need this, but in the event you do we want you to be prepared.

by Christine Turner21. July 2015 10:00


We hope that you will never need this, but in the event you do we want you to be prepared.


If you face an emergency situation on the road (an accident, a fire, a medical event), there are several ways that you may notify the company:


             Call or Satcom message the fleet manager directly


             Call or Satcom message to Safety, Claims, HR, or XRA


             Macro 34 (Although described as the 911 Macro, it goes to a specified internal distribution list,                   Including the FM and whoever is assigned to cover that truck at the time and Claims.  It does         NOT go to local 911 centers or emergency personnel.)


             Macro 35 (Accident Macro.  Also goes to a specified distribution list, including the FM and             whoever is assigned to cover that truck at the time and Claims. It does NOT go to local 911     centers or emergency personnel.)


             Push the EMER button on the Driver Tech unit (Currently inoperative.) We will let you know as                 soon as it is up and working again.


If you call with an emergency, please make sure that you stay on the line until we get you to a person in Claims and/or a local 911 center if necessary


Please be advised that the EMER button is not currently working. 





Safety Tip for Summer Heat

by Christine Turner20. July 2015 10:00


Safety Tip for Summer Heat


Stay Hydrated for Your Health
It may not be summer yet according to the calendar, but the summer heat is upon us.  It is very important to stay hydrated during the hotter months.   


So what can you do to stay hydrated?


  • Drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day

  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty to replenish water –  you are already dehydrated if you feel thirsty

  • Make sure you drink before, during and after physical activity – the work you do every day is physical activity!

  • Have a drink of water when you wake up from your 10 hour break.  Drinking water is a good way of letting your body know that it is time to get started. 


    Watch for these signs of dehydration and seek medical attention if necessary:



  • Little or no urine, or urine that is darker than usual

  • Dry mouth

  • Sleepiness or fatigue

  • Extreme thirst

  • Headache

  • Confusion

  • Dizziness or lightheaded feeling