Deputy of FMCSA, Daphne Jefferson goes on a ride along

by Christine Turner1. April 2015 10:35

We are excited to participate with the Deputy of FMCSA, Daphne Jefferson yesterday in a ride along.  We want to thank Women in Trucking for this opportunity, and our Million Miler driver, Angela Jordan, for professionally representing U.S. Xpress.  We will be sharing pictures later today of our inspection and the load delivery.

What a great way to end Women's History Month, Deputy of FMCSA, Daphne Jefferson with Million Miler U.S. Xpress driver Angela Jordan and President and CEO of Women In Trucking Assoc, Ellen Voie

Deputy of FMCSA, Daphne Jefferson with Million Miler U.S, Xpress driver Angela Jordan heading out.



I-35 Shut Down

by Natalie P.26. March 2015 16:16

We wanted to give you a heads up that due to a tragic accident involving the collapse of a bridge , I-35 is stopped in both directions. You will receive a geo fence message within 150 miles of this location. TxDOT is encouraging motorists to seek alternative routes, such as SH 95 between Temple and Georgetown; US 190 from Belton to Killeen; and 195 to Georgetown. The roadway is expected to remain closed until at least nightfall. Please stay safe out there!

TxDOT is encouraging motorists to seek alternative routes, such as SH 95 between Temple and Georgetown; US 190 from Belton to Killeen; and 195 to Georgetown.




Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country

by Christine Turner26. March 2015 10:00


The U.S. Xpress Travel Department has Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country tickets  available to U.S. Xpress employees at discounted prices!  This is Dollywood's 30th Anniversary!


 Dollywood opens March 21st


Splash Country opens May 16th


 Click here to view the pricing and the 2015 Dollywood Operating Schedule


 Contact Dawn Doud (Ext. 3418) or Rachel Winton (Ext. 6434) to purchase your tickets.  We accept cash, check (payable to U.S. Xpress) or (new this year) your personal credit card.





by Christine Turner25. March 2015 10:55




  1. Eggs are bad for your heart: Whole eggs are very nutritious and don’t raise risk for heart disease.

  2. Whole Wheat is a health food: Most wheat people are eating today is unhealthy.

  3. High Protein Diet increases strain on Kidneys: In healthy people, this is safe.

  4. Low Carb diets are dangerous and Increase Risk of Heart Disease: Many studies have shown that it causes more weight loss and improves more risk factors for heart disease than Low Fat Diets.


    To look at more myths and other evidence based research regarding nutrition visit:





Senior VP of Operations Greg McQuagge

by Christine Turner23. March 2015 10:58

Our Senior VP of Operations Greg McQuagge will be live chatting with our drivers on our Facebook page on March 26th from 3-4pm (EST).  He will open the conversation on our timeline and you will need to comment within the thread to receive his response.




Driver Referral Program

by Christine Turner20. March 2015 11:04


 Have you heard about our driver referral program? You can earn $3,000 for teams, $1,000 for solo drivers and $250 for students/new graduates that you refer to US Xpress. Click here to learn more –





We Need Your Email Address

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Send Us Your Email and Receive Company Communications


Many of you have told us that your preferred way of receiving corporate communications is through email, so we want to make communicating easier for everyone.  Please send a Macro 48 with your current email address so that we will be able to update our system and make communication easier for everyone! Once we have your email, you will receive our driver newsletter, company announcements and important updates. Please note that we will not be utilizing your email for daily tactical use and you will still need to follow your current communications protocol with your Operations team.


Have a great day and stay safe out there!







VP of Safety, Security and Driver Training, Amy Lokken’s Live Chat from Facebook

by Christine Turner19. March 2015 09:23


We are excited to share a summary of VP of Safety, Security and Driver Training, Amy Lokken’s Live Chat from Facebook. Please see the chat summary below or you can simply visit our Facebook page "US Xpress Drivers", click on the Notes tab.  it is titled "Vice President of Safety, Security and Driver Training, Amy Lokken Live Chat 3.4.15 ".  Take a look! Other drivers might have asked questions you would like to know the answers to.


Amy Lokken’s Introduction


Hello everyone! Amy Lokken, VP of Safety, Security and Driver Training here at US Xpress. I am looking forward to hearing your questions and feedback today. I wanted to first give you a bit of detail about my background and the team that I have working with me. I have been a proud member of the US Xpress family since May 2013. I have been involved the Safety and Security areas for over 20 years, working in a variety of organizations. Within my team I have a lot of diverse backgrounds, including many who have been professional truck drivers prior to becoming a part of the Safety, Security and Driver Training team. These diverse backgrounds help us to bring many different perspectives into consideration as we do our work. You are welcome to ask questions about any area that my team has responsibility for, but there are a couple of areas that I would really like to get your thoughts on. First is our new annual safety recognition program and the awards site. You are now eligible to get a safety award for each and every year that you qualify. When you receive an award – you receive points that can be used on the site. I would love some feedback from those of you who have been on the site. Recognizing and thanking you for being a safe driver is very important. Also, you may have seen that we have an upcoming pilot program that we will be doing on sleep apnea. We would love to get your thoughts and ideas on how we can make that program successful. And of course, I am sure that many of you have questions and suggestions related to our training program. We are working on a lot of ideas on how we can not only make the program better, but make it the best program in the industry. Any ideas that you have on how we can accomplish that would be appreciated. Again- I am looking forward to chatting with all of you! Have any of you redeemed rewards on the site? If so, can you share your thoughts and experience? Everyone has a login. Check out our Safety site, and watch the training for additional information on how to login.


Driver Question:  If a driver is feeling fatigued how can we express that to our FM without the fear of being fired, giving a service failure or even transferred?


Amy Lokken’s Answer:  Your question is a good one, so I wanted to be sure and get back with you. Under 392.3 a portion of which reads “No driver shall operate a commercial motor vehicle, and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle, while the driver’s ability or alertness is so impaired, or so likely to become impaired, through fatigue, illness, or any other cause as to make it unsafe for him/ her to begin or continue to operate the commercial motor vehicle.” As a professional driver, it is your responsibility to assess your readiness to drive. If your physical or mental condition is such that you cannot safely operate a commercial motor vehicle, you must alert your FM. If you ever feel as though someone is pushing you to drive, although you believe cannot safely operate the vehicle, please contact safety immediately. Your safety and the safety of the motoring public is our top priority.


Driver Question: I just graduated from Chautauqua tractor trailer institute. I have a prehire through the company and am considering coming for orientation. My question is I was told I could get into a dedicated route and have home time every weekend. Is this true and would I be teamed with someone in same area I live in during training so I could be home on my trainers down time to.


Amy Lokken’s Answer:  Congratulations on graduating! On dedicated accounts, we try to place students on accounts they have been hired into for training, but this is not always possible. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that you would get home time during the trainers downtime. We hope that you decide to come on with us. If you do, please be sure to reach out and say hello!


Driver Question: Does safety take any interest in all the unsafe trucks and trailers (especially the trailers) we have because it is so hard to get ahold of breakdown to get anything fixed these days so some of our drivers just run with the problems so they don't miss out on getting a paycheck?
A good example was last year I was issued a trailer with a bad tire at the Springfield terminal, the shop was backed up, they cancelled my load, issued the illegal trailer to another driver who took it out on the road where he risked getting stopped, inspected, and CSA points for both him and USXpress.


Amy Lokken’ s  Answer:  If you have noticed over the past couple of months, we have done a lot of education and communication on trailer safety to make sure everyone is aware and knowledgeable of issues that can make a trailer unsafe or illegal. The best time to capture items like this is during your pre and post trip inspection processes. If any issues are noted, you should then contact XRA. Please visit and tell others to visit the Safety Center website, for all of this training. We expect that all drivers would be as vigilant as you in identifying these sorts of issues.


Driver Question: I can't log on to the safety center on my driver tech.


Amy Lokken’s Answer:   On the Driver Tech, you can access a limited number of courses through "Driver Services" under "Xpress Training". The link can be accessed from anything with an internet connection (like a PC or smart phone), and will provide you to full access of all courses available.


Driver Question:  What is USX looking at doing in regards to safety at drop yards that have no restrooms? Also when a driver is forced to spend a 10 hr. break in an unsafe area due to his or hers 14 hr. clock expiring what is the company policy on this...move to a safe location and go into violation? I’m not a fan of gun shots less than a block from the truck


Amy Lokken’s Answer:  If a driver feels that they are in an unsafe situation, please call into Safety. Your safety is our top priority.


Driver Question: My question and/or concern are about trainers. If I tell my TC that a student is not ready for upgrade, I'm still expected to bring that student in. That sets them up to fail immediately. The TC’s need to actually listen to the trainer. I'm not in it for the money. As Daniel Horton had pointed out, the money isn't all that great. I really want to help someone to become a professional driver that will serve US well.


Amy Lokken’s Answer: It is our policy that the training coordinator takes the feedback from the trainer and seeks to understand why the trainee may need additional hours. If needed, the student’s training time is extended by 50 hour increments. If you experience that the process does not work this way, please reach out to Darlene Crabtree or myself.


Driver Question: What is the company doing to eliminate bad trainers? Also what is USX looking at doing as far as a pay package? $20 Dollars a day while student is on the truck is an insult. Why not a pay package that makes it worth a trainer’s time. For example am extra. 07cpm for the first 2 students a trainer upgrades then a .01 cpm every 2 students to a maximum of .12cpm for all miles the truck runs.


Amy Lokken’ s Answer: I want to take a second to thank you and all of our other trainers who are helping build the next generation of drivers. We have been discussing different ways to change our trainer pay package and recently have gotten feedback from our Driver Advisory Council on trainer pay, and we will continue to look for opportunities to get feedback from trainers such as you. We will add your suggestions to our idea bank on trainer pay. Thank you so much for participating in today's chat.


Driver Questions: Trainers pay. Yes I know we get more hours with students and that can be more hours teaming with students. But some trainers don't like running teams with students. So is there going to be a change in pay.  What about Dollar Tree account and Dollar General account? Dispatcher's try to force you to unload in a 110 degree trailers and if you try pace so you don't get hydrated and pass out they get mad you took a little longer. Plus dollar tree trailers are still loaded to the door, where you can't have three points of contact. When you try to put rollers in the back of the trailer, because everyone doesn't have a roller rack.  If u can't fit them in the trailer they tell u put them in the sleeper, they can hit u in the head and knock you out. And Dollar General is still load containers overweight 800 to 1,000 pounds and with broken wheels try push that straight up hill can pull your back out. Plus unloading in the dark is problem sometimes with things fall hit u on the head or in bad neighborhoods.  Are they going to start recognizing safe haven rule? In case of shipper or receiver ran you out of hours. Because it is dangerous parking some spots around shippers and receiver. With cargo thieves on the rise, drivers get robbed plus drivers get mugged or possibly killed.


Amy Lokken’s Answer: I appreciate all that you do for us. On trainer pay, please check out the response I provided in an earlier question . If you have any specific suggestions, please provide them here or send them to me directly. Proper hydration is very important at all times, especially during summer months and when doing physical activity. We continuously work with our customers to ensure that loading practices are not creating unsafe situations for our drivers. I'm going to have someone from our log department reach out to you to make sure we understand your question regarding the Safe Haven rule. Thanks for participating today!


Information provided by Amy about the Million Miler program:Did you know that U.S. Xpress will provide you credit for up to 5 years of verifiable safe driving from another carrier towards your Million Miler status? In the past, we counted 11 years as being a Million Miler, and as of January 2015, we will now count the actual miles to determine a drivers million mile status. We are very excited about this. It actually came from feedback from our drivers and with your recommendations, we were able to make this change. Thank you for your feedback!



Amy Lokken’s closing


Well everyone, it looks like we are at the end of our time. We really appreciate the job that you do for us. While this forum is coming to a close, you are always welcome to reach out to me to share your thoughts and ideas. By working together, we can make sure that everyone at U.S. Xpress is safety S.M.A.R.T. (Safety Means Actions Require Thought). Thanks again to all of you for participating!




Water: How much should you drink every day?

by Christine Turner18. March 2015 09:50


Water: How much should you drink every day?


The Mayo Clinic states, “Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells, and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.”


Factors that influence water needs


  • Exercise and Intensity of Exercise

  • Environment

  • Illnesses or Health Conditions

  • Pregnancy or Breast Feeding


A healthy adult male in a mild climate typically needs about 13 cups of total beverages per day. A healthy adult female needs about 9 cups per day. A basic guideline is that, if you drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel thirsty and your urine is colorless or light yellow, you are probably properly hydrated.


Although we can get about 20% of our water intake from foods and also get water from milk, juice and even carbonated beverages, it is best to meet the majority of our water intake needs with water.


For more specific information regarding water intake and personal needs, visit





Hope You Got Your Green On!

by Christine Turner17. March 2015 09:19